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Maslu (Anointing of the Sick) is ceremony for the benefit of a sick person.



 In this case it was done for Urs Teodor by three orthodox priest














Valea Barnii, Mogos, Romania



Concert Stefan Hrusca – Amsterdam

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Concertul a avut loc pe 9 decembrie 2017





A imbatranit, da are voice faina











Museikon – un muzeu al icoanei

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Muzeikon 001

Museikon. Un nou muzeu al icoanei

revitalizeaza o cladire monument istoric restaurata in Alba Iulia

Muzeikon 004

Proiect realizat in parteneriat de Consiliul Judetean Alba,

Muzeul National al Unirii din Alba Iulia,

Arhiepiscopia Ortodoxa Romana Alba Iulia si Universitatea din Bergen – Norvegia

Muzeikon 005

Proiect finantat printr-un grant oferit de Islanda, Liechtenstein si Norvegia

Muzeikon 008


Muzeikon 023

Muzeikon 029

Muzeikon 035

Muzeikon 049

Muzeikon 052

Muzeikon 063

Muzeikon 067

Muzeikon 069

Muzeikon 080

Muzeikon 083


Turkey 2017

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This place is full of cats


And look who we have here…


1000 spices


In the name of Alah, the merciful


On the sea side


Cats again


“The moving house” – a special place for Mustafa Kemal “the father of turks”


Is magic


Waves of time


On the way to Istambul


Istambul – the European side


Topkapi Palace Museum


The oldest recorded love poem

The Love Song for Shu-Sin (written c.2000 BCE)

“Bridegroom, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,
Lion, dear to my heart,
Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.

You have captivated me, let me stand tremblingly before you.
Bridegroom, I would be taken by you to the bedchamber,
You have captivated me, let me stand tremblingly before you.
Lion, I would be taken by you to the bedchamber.

Bridegroom, let me caress you,
My precious caress is more savory than honey,
In the bedchamber, honey-filled,
Let me enjoy your goodly beauty,
Lion, let me caress you,
My precious caress is more savory than honey.

Bridegroom, you have taken your pleasure of me,
Tell my mother, she will give you delicacies,
My father, he will give you gifts.

Your spirit, I know where to cheer your spirit,
Bridegroom, sleep in our house until dawn,
Your heart, I know where to gladden your heart,
Lion, sleep in our house until dawn.

You, because you love me,
Give me pray of your caresses,
My lord god, my lord protector,
My Shu-Sin, who gladdens Enlil’s heart,
Give my pray of your caresses.
Your place goodly as honey, pray lay your hand on it,
Bring your hand over like a gishban-garment,
Cup your hand over it like a gishban-sikin-garment

It is a balbale-song of Inanna”

Kramer, S. N, History Begins at Sumer (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1988),
pp 246-247

Latvia 2017

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Some country side first: Taurene


Morning view


The lady with the dogs: Marta



Lots of lakes in this country



The clouds are quite impressive. I think that is from the humidity that lingers in the air


The Lutheran church of the village


People of Riga. Or tourists, or I don’t know


A street from Riga with very beautiful buildings. This is my favorite one


The art academy. Riga again


On the way to the see side


And here it is


This is in Riga. Yes, lots of forests. In the city. And outside it.


In Gauja National Park


Walking around


The end

Mogos – 2017 summer version

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Looking up in to the woods


Bridge to the past



Let’s play


Mountains style


The world here


The Shepard


Fresh milk


The Milky Way


Morning view







The ant






On the hay stack


“Look at me”


In the evening


We are on our way


Some fresh water


Coltul lui Tiutiuc



Roman Festival 2017

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“Two weekends of authentically re-enacted ancient Roman civil and military life in the Roman City Quarter and the Military City’s Amphitheatre. Legionnaires, Roman citizens, craftsmen and riders, pugnacious barbarian tribes and gladiators. It reunites up to 200 reenactors from all over Europe in the former metropolis of Upper Pannonia.”






















Carnutum, Austria

More photos here and here