Escape to Bucuru

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Early in the morning we started at the Bar Turist Caffe or Billy’s bar. It was 6:30



Photographers in action


Sunrise in the distance


This was the wine


Sheep trough the mist



Into the woods


Lots of snow


Up for a talk


How do you smoke sausages – Transylvanian way


A man with his horse


The Sheppard


At the cross roads


Five letters are missing. They are under the snow




The son was coming and going…


With a mission


With another mission

10 August 2018 – Bucharest – Romania

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On the 10th of August I had the privilege and the honor to be part of a protest against the Romanian government. My highest respect goes to the peaceful people that have been there. My deep anger and disappointment goes to the Romanian law forces, jandarmeria, who attacked and wounded over 400 people. We will never forget this betrayal, when the ones who should protect they people turn against them.

M**e PSD!

M**e jandarmeriei!

Vasaras Saulgrieži

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Vasaras Saulgrieži is a Latvian traditional fest that takes place during the summer solstice. It is similar to other pagan celebration that take place all around the Europe around this time




























Heiligdomsvaart 2018

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Heiligdomsvaart is a religious procession that takes place every seven years. In the older times the relics of the the local Saint Servatius, the first catholic bishop of the area, were taken trough the city in the time of need – famine, drought, plague.


As a friend of mine said, there is no need for this anymore today, maybe because this is one of the saint that really did his job.



















More photos from this event on my Facebook album.

Geusseltbad Maastricht

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A bit of architecture. Swimming bath, Maastricht. Twilight shoot





Event Wise 32

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Event Wise is is a dynamic personal development training that equips you with tools and techniques that increase your abilities to achieve personal and professional success while enjoying life. It takes place at Olde Vechte foundation in Ommen, The Netherlands

Graduation performance – SNDO Amsterdam

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Andreas Hannes & Ahmed El Gendy







Charlie Laban Trier









Laima Gagane








Carnaval Maastricht – 2018

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Carnaval 2018 – Gronsveld

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Maslu (Anointing of the Sick) is ceremony for the benefit of a sick person.



 In this case it was done for Urs Teodor by three orthodox priest














Valea Barnii, Mogos, Romania