Carnival Maastricht 2017

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ReMOVEit is an Erasmus+ project about exploring body movement activities and connecting to yourself and to others. The idea behind this project is to create a playground for you to move, explore and enjoy!


Yeah, this will be a long post


But there will be only photos… 🙂
































Sezatoare – from the summer

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Some photos from the summer of 2016

Porolissum 2016

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_dsc1596Photos from a Romanian re-enactment festival that took place this summer_dsc1650The members of this group are named “Legio dacica – lupii de fier ai Apoulounui”

“The dacian legion – the iron wolves of Apouloun”_dsc1678Pretorian. They were in the personal guard of the roman emperors _dsc1719Barbarian woman with two warriors_dsc1723A pretorian with a dacian girl_dsc2166The barbarian horde seen trough the shields of the roman legionnaires_dsc2321Barbarian girl_dsc2351Archer

Ziua Universală a Iei – 2016

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_dsc8498-editPe 24 iunie 2016, a fost sarbatarita ziua internationala a iei._dsc8540-editAici e o mica selectie a unor intantanee care mi-au placut mai mult._dsc8618-editRestul fotografiilor se gasesc pe contul de Facebook_dsc8631-editEvenimentul la care am luat parte a avaut loc in Brasov_dsc8667-editOameni faini

_dsc8785-editMulticulturalism_dsc8853-edit Oana, prietena care m-a invitat_dsc8895-editUn cuplu in varsta din Brasov_dsc9022-editLa casa Junilor_dsc9088-editIn fata bisericii Sf. Nicolaie_dsc9113-editLa Prima scoala Romaneasca_dsc9133-editPr. Prof. Dr. Vasile OLTEAN_dsc9155-editOana_dsc9156-editAna de la IIA Calatoare_dsc9162-editNu dam nume aici_dsc9217-editNe vedem in alt an

Turda Princely Palace

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Now is the local history museum


Initial building from XV century. Parts of it are still present


The building itself its a museum since 1943.


It deposits some of the more relevant and important artifacts from the area.


For such a small city this one has quite a lot of history. I feel like it has decayed but slowly is regenerating itself.


Here are some roman funeral monuments. The city had its own roman legion that had between the others to protect the close golden mines situated in the Western Carpathians. See More over Rosia Montana.


The Roman name of the city was Potaissa. In German is called Thorenburg while in Hungarian Torda. Multicultural, what can I say…


Here you have a famous Gepid thesaurus found here. Apparently it belonged to one of the the princess that has passed trough the area. More photos over it here.


Although the local Salt Mine is the star of the show, you should not skip the local museum so fast.

Carnutum – June 2016

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DSC_4010Carnutum is a archaeological park situated near Vienna, in Austria. DSC_4165-EditThe photos are from a re-enactment festival from the summer of 2016.DSC_4246-EditThe RomansDSC_4258-EditThe barbarian hordeDSC_4357-Edit


DSC_4511-EditThe battleDSC_4857-EditRoman cloths style were presented in front of a reconstructed villaDSC_5045-Edit



DSC_5680-EditThe legionairs are receiving their battle instructionsDSC_6251-EditThe salute after the battleDSC_6310-EditFalx dacica – one of the weapons of the ancient dacian peopleDSC_6368-EditYes, we need girls