Mogos – 2017 summer version

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Looking up in to the woods


Bridge to the past



Let’s play


Mountains style


The world here


The Shepard


Fresh milk


The Milky Way


Morning view







The ant






On the hay stack


“Look at me”


In the evening


We are on our way


Some fresh water


Coltul lui Tiutiuc




Roman Festival 2017

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“Two weekends of authentically re-enacted ancient Roman civil and military life in the Roman City Quarter and the Military City’s Amphitheatre. Legionnaires, Roman citizens, craftsmen and riders, pugnacious barbarian tribes and gladiators. It reunites up to 200 reenactors from all over Europe in the former metropolis of Upper Pannonia.”






















Carnutum, Austria

More photos here and here

Alex Simu Quintet “Echoes of Bucharest”

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Alex Simu Quintet “Echoes of Bucharest” – Album Release Concert


Echoes of Bucharest – a reflection of the present, a fragrance of the past and a glance into the future of a city with a rich multicultural legacy.

The compositions of this suite encounter no rules or boundaries, only love, and the urge to create and share. The vision is built on two main pillars – innovation and heritage, and aims to shape sounds into a unique audience experience.


The music and the concept behind the composition process are a natural reflection of Alex Simu’s experience with his hometown, expressed through the lens of his emotional and historical ties. All sounds are inspired by the history of Bucharest, from its creation and evolution, to its contemporary times and future.


Being found at the juncture between East and West, Romania has been benefiting from rich cultural influences which contributed to the creation of various identities throughout its historical evolution.


Purely folkloric sounds, the dramatic influence of the Ottoman Empire, the Phanariot epoch, the Little Paris illusions, the two world wars, the communist regime, the revolution, and the contemporary Bucharest are all subtly mirrored into the spirit of the music.


All the various influences that have carved the cultural identity of Bucharest over time come to life as melodies, rhythmic themes, and motifs. Complementing the original compositions, thematic fragments belonging to George Enescu and Dimitrie Cantemir have been specially arranged to harmonize with the contemporary language of jazz and free improvisation.


All these elements are beautifully crafted through a unique combination of the classical jazz quintet, with the romantic quintet of the Western European classical music.



Alex Simu – s (Romania)
Franz von Chossy – piano (Germany)
George Dumitriu – violin/viola/guitar (Romania)
Jörg Brinkmann – cello (Germany)
Kristijan KrajnčanDrummingCellist (Slovenia)




The event took place on Thursday, May 11 at 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM


Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands


Carnival Maastricht 2017

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ReMOVEit is an Erasmus+ project about exploring body movement activities and connecting to yourself and to others. The idea behind this project is to create a playground for you to move, explore and enjoy!


Yeah, this will be a long post


But there will be only photos… 🙂
































Sezatoare – from the summer

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Some photos from the summer of 2016

Porolissum 2016

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_dsc1596Photos from a Romanian re-enactment festival that took place this summer_dsc1650The members of this group are named “Legio dacica – lupii de fier ai Apoulounui”

“The dacian legion – the iron wolves of Apouloun”_dsc1678Pretorian. They were in the personal guard of the roman emperors _dsc1719Barbarian woman with two warriors_dsc1723A pretorian with a dacian girl_dsc2166The barbarian horde seen trough the shields of the roman legionnaires_dsc2321Barbarian girl_dsc2351Archer