my life before me…

In the autumn of 2005 I was at a party that changed my life in ways I would never have imagined. At the end of 2007 I waited for an answer that never really came from whom I wanted. I had to move to The Netherlands on the 8th of April 2008. Exactly two years ago. Then, on a weekend of the autumn of that year, God took my hand and said: “Now, I will give you an answer. Is not what you would like but it is the truth.” And no, it was nothing to do with weed. 😛

Netherlands is my initiating journey. On the path there will be nice, but also not so nice people. There is a lot of learning to be done and a lot of challenges to be faced. Evolution is pain. There is no question about it. Limits are there to be broken. Not everybody does it. The question is how high you want to go and how many limits you are going to cross. What will there be at the end of my journey… Wisdom? Money? My mirror? … Some/All of them?

Things that I have learned about other people so far…

A real friend will offer his help and will make time for you. He will feel when there is need. No need for you to ask.

People are not defined by their words but by their actions. Somebody can look into your eyes and say how important you are but their actions can show the opposite. And in the eyes of a friend that lies over and over again, even the truth looks like a lie.

Remember that life is a stage; you are the main character and can decide who you want in and out of your play….

We all have problems. One’s attitude towards them makes all the difference. The rest is bullshit.

A lot of people are too blind to see and to understand the essence, the truth of life under all the crap. They know how to generate the crap but never how to clean it.

Life gives chances and opportunities. You have to take them when they come. She will never ask if you are ready, if it is a good time… The chances never come back.

In the end I would like to give my special thoughts to the following:

Gulsen, because she was there for me in a time of need. I love you.
Ton, for the place that feels like home, for sharing his experience and wisdom to me.

“Belgienii” for being my family abroad.
My family for support, understanding and help

P.S. No daffodil was killed during the photo shoot 🙂


~ door faurar op 7 april 2010.

19 Reacties to “my life before me…”

  1. si la vara`ta ca iti mai da cite o shleapca peste cap cind te crezi Zamolxe, nu? 😀

    • Sleapca peste cap daca ajungi. Da piciorele in fund is necesare ca te propulseaza inainte. Iara de la tine sint acceptate ca dora matale esti “de la famiglia” 😉

  2. In fiecare an la aniversare iti doresc sa poti srie cat mai frumos despre viata ta ,impinirile tale in acasta noua tara pe care ti-ai ales-o sa traiesti.Noroc. Te sarut.

  3. my sweet honey, (opss, or should I say “the father of my baby :p)

    u mean a lot for me! if u weren’t in my life in the netherlands, yes, maybe ı could go on my life but ı wouldn’t know what does a real and unconditional friendship and love mean.

    we had an uncountable good times! and u know what, for me, u are not a person who stayed in the netherlands, I took one of your part with me and it will always stay with me till ı die AND even in my country, I miss u a lot! u r someone for me that ı cannot replace with anyone else.

    Baby, could u please correct my grammer mistakes? :pp

    Give me a big hug!

    Seni çok seviyorum 🙂

    • Yea…the father of U’re baby…U are pregnant now since more then one year. What kind on pregnancy is this?
      Please don’t start with “u mean a lot for me”, it doesn’t bring back nice memoires.
      I am not going to correct any of the mistakes. It is a part of U’re personal charm. 😉
      For the friendship, U have to give it to somebody who can appreciate it. And I think U do.
      I miss cooking pasta, watching movies, stealing bikes, making fun of Dutch people, eating cherries in the middle of the night, having arguments, listening to piano and a lot of other 1000 things that we did together here.
      I’ll see you in the summer 🙂

  4. Baby!!! the baby wait s for u, he is very thoughtful, he waits from u to earn money, then he will come and visit u 😉

    Oh, do u remember the woman that we cheated; “I am pregnant , so very hungry, could u please put more cherries for the baby?” :))

    • Well as far as I remember she is not the only one we made fun of. Remember the kids in the park or the man that saluted us when we were singing?

  5. – “mes secina messecina hoyi hoy, hoyi hoy”
    – HOYY!! :))

    or the man that u asked his name as a compnay name? 🙂

    by the way, now Maşuk is here and u now what, he was not kissing ur lips, he was kissing my lips, but biting ur lips :)))

  6. La multi ani!

  7. toata lumea era impotriva plecarii tale da’ numa unii o avut tupeul sa`ti zica 😀 si oricum nu conta 🙂

  8. Lipsesc si eu 3 zile de pe internet si ce gasesc? Ca am pierdut aniversarea lu’ stimabilu’ haiducu’. Asadar un intarziat La multi ani!

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  10. seni seviyorum ve çok özlüyorum!

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