Time for a break

It is almost 5 PM. Time to have a break. At 8 I woke up to go to school and after that,
work. I will finish after 8 PM, maybe even 9. No time to do shopping at that hour and anyway sometimes after 10 I ould go to sleep. I need my beauty sleep, it works miracles for the skin. 😛

Jumbo is a good place to do some food shopping. Albert Hein is a bit expensive; Aldi
and Lidil’s products are sometimes too cheap. Jumbo is somewhere in the middle. The truth is that for some of the products I go to Albert Hein.

Since the light looks nice I think maybe it is good idea to get the camera also. It is only 5
minutes to the shop but you never know what you will see. Even in the places that you have seen a thousand times. Always be prepared and try not to miss a chance. It could be gone forever.

The shop is in the center, near de Markt under the ground level. There are some buildings here: shops and administrative buildings from the city hall. The one on the other side attracts my attention. It looks very interesting how it rises in the sky with its lines. Let’s try a few shots. They are ok but the sun was just covered by clouds and I would need to have some more light on the building. The sky is very nice and intense and the building is dull.

As usual some people take notice. They look at me and try to figure out what I am trying
to get with my camera. Their faces tell that they cannot see. You need to have a trained mind for that. But sometimes it is pretty obvious, so then they might even take out their phone cameras to take a photo themselves. Amusing.

The sun has come back but I don’t have the results I want. It is too low and the
building is still dull. But the opposite one has some nice light on it. So I move. Now this is
different. Things start to come up. 😀

Where was I? Jumbo…

For Piciu: I LOVE U!!! (happy now?)


~ door faurar op 1 november 2010.

7 Reacties to “Time for a break”

  1. Si io care credeam ca o sa fie un post cu mancare. Da ii bine si asa, sa zicem ca-s multumita 😀

  2. ca`i Neme, deaia! cind n`o sa se mai gandeasca la mancare, sa stii ca e ceva bai cu ea.
    si pe mine? pe mine nu ma iombesti? well? do ya? do ya ? DO YA??:D

    • Well, my dear… Incerc sa iti gasesc un blond tapan pa aci sa fac poze cu el sa iti dedic un post. Dapai numa masculi de catagoria a III-a. Si inca second hand! Dapai si muierile cam tat la fel is. Belesc si io ochii incoace si incolo, dapai ma dore capu de ce vaz si ce aud. 😦

  3. apai ce vezi ca ce vezi, ca sa zicem ca retina mea nu`i setata doar pe vikingi matahalosi cu pletane. da mai grav e ce auzi…ca aia mai greu trece testu..
    noi sa fim sanatosi :))

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