the shadow

I, this shadow that
You sewed into my soul
With wrath and sad blue wonder
I will forever carry it with me
And then, on one of the days
the hardest of all,
I’ll mark it on the old calendars
Sunday of my body’s call.

Shivers wander through me
And there is no meaning
I am begging you, my shadow,
Resurrect yourself
Return yourself to me.

Hungry for all the love
In times when sorrow sunsets
When the stars untie the night
I am satisfied with just a shadow.

And my soul, asks,
magnetic collapsed mast
My dear silent shadow
Put your scarf around the neck.
A shadow locks into me
A shadow was passing through me
It is so bad because is so good
It is so much “yes” because it is so much “no”
Bacovia revels himself
And laughs between A ’s and U ’s
There is a solitary shadow that keeps me living
And that shadow is you.


~ door faurar op 7 februari 2011.

3 Reacties to “the shadow”

  1. wow…

    facinating wordsand pictures!

    Cong baby!

  2. this street… was the place that we did our first walk.. I am very happy and lucky to know you. And u know what? joing “George’s world” (I mean, putting you into my life) was one of the best thing I have ever did; I love your laugh, I love your thoughts ( even sometimes they are a bit obsessive :p), I love your friendship, I love your point of view, I love talking with you before falling asleep, I love cooking pasta and chicken for you, I love going to the park and taking photos with you, I love stealing cherries and eating them with you, I love sitting behind your bicycle and talking with you during the trip and warning you about being careful for my ass :p, I love ur cheeks 🙂 etc etc etc..

    Shortly, I love every time of us. And, I love you baby… Ur place in my heart is stable and neither years nor distance have power to change this.



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