What is Slacklining? Google it. Here I was playing with the camera, there is nothing wrong with the guy.

“I saw this on the television but is the first time when I see it with my own eyes. Why do you do this?”
“Well it is good for our mind and body. And it is fun. Would you like to try?”

“What if you fall?”
“Well, the taller you are the harder the fall will be”

“Are you working for the circus?”
“Lady, I don’t need to work for the circus. I am a circus by myself”

It is like in life. Equilibrium is one of the most important rule. If U fall I will catch U. And yes, that means I love U.

The conversation between the comas was done between me and the old Dutch lady that U see. And yes, it was in dutch.

Post dedicated to David, who is crazy about this kind of things. 😉


~ door faurar op 4 mei 2011.

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  1. Interesante cadre

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