allegiance to tulips and windmills

“They will give me the citizenship. Do you want to come to the festivity? ”
Well, I guess that a man has to be prepared for the things to come. So I am in.

The old city hall, main hall. We eat a cake and drink tea or coffee. Apparently the cake is entirely bio. Yes, now that U will be Dutch U have the right to good healthy food. We are invited in a room at the first floor where the event takes place.

the new dutch :)

Of course there is the speech, where the future Dutch citizens are informed over what is it to be Dutch. I bet being Dutch means something different for each one of them.

Then the festivity takes place. You are invited in the front and you have to swear allegiance to the queen, country, tulips and of course, windmills. 😀

With this occasion you receive a Dutch flag, the official paper and a cookie. On that you have a windmill and a tulip in the traditional Dutch shoes.

Well, that is it, ladies and gentlemen. Or I should say, dames en heren.

P.S. Which one is my friend? Well, U know, for security reasons, he is not in these photos 😛


~ door faurar op 21 januari 2012.

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  1. maybe the mayor?

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