where and when the pigs are flying

For this year I have decided to go into the village for the carnival during the day and sleep during the night. Last year I was staying awake until late in the morning

During the carnival you have to dress up crazy. This year the weather was like the carnival, crazy: half an hour show followed by half an hour of sun

Lots of colors are needed. The carnival colors

The only serious thing about the carnival is the beer, everything else is fake. That is because the rest of the year the dutch people are way to serious

Kids are welcomed. They have to keep the tradition. This two are taking care that the tradition of looking at the carnival is kept alive, like a an intangible heritage, some would say 😛

The prince of the carnival gives sweets for free.

The traditional caching method is za paraplu

Yes, love is all around

Update Gronsveld – the best thing that I saw this year; probably inspired by the film Up. Or who knows…


~ door faurar op 19 februari 2012.

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  1. Super mi-ar place sa particip si eu…

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