a dutch wedding

Last week I attended, somewhere in Brabant, at a dutch wedding. Well, kind of dutch because the bride was not dutch, nevertheless it was made in a dutch style. Arrived at the reception I had to write something in a notebook for the broom and the bride. Or the other way around, in my case. 😀

You talk to them an then you can get a drink and a small starter to eat. The music was playing but the majority of the dutch were just chatting and drinking. Like they were afraid of dancing, on let it go – common problem in their culture, leads to psychological problems. “I have an image! What will people say?” Bla-bla-bla

The music was not dance music. Lucky for me that relatives of the bride were not dutch and they were willing to dance. So, in the end, we were dancing a bit.

Around 12:30, Egon and me stepped in the car and we headded back to Maastricht. Was interesting but, sorry to say this, quite boring. If I will marry a dutch girl, a Romanian wedding will be a must.


~ door faurar op 19 mei 2012.

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