Last week, Friday, I took my new D7000 at work to see what can it do.

First of all, it is heavier and has a more solid construction than the D80. Apparently it has a metallic frame.

There are new buttons and controls. I like control for Shooting: single, continuous, high-speed, timer and so on. I like the movie button and I hate some things about the joystick.

The camera is very fast, with a good lens and some good cards. I got two 16GB Lexar Professional SDHC 1I cards.

It focuses quickly but U also need some good lens. I will have to buy some good glass in the future.

I am also quite pleased with the low light focus. Don’t expect miracles but if it can find a bit of contrast, it will focus.

The quality of photos is pretty good even at a higher ISO. With the old D80 I did’t like to go higher then 800 but now, 3200 looks pretty good.

What I don’t like is the 16 megapixels. Who the hell needs that? 12 were good enough for me. The images seem a bit soft for my taste.

Next month I’ll go to Romania. Until then I need some time to get use with it. There, I will use it as a documentation tool for my scriptie. And maybe sometime in the autumn I will turn the paper into a documentary. Ta-ta!!!

P.S. All the photos are exactly as they came out of the camera, jpeg some black and white some with active D-lighting


~ door faurar op 21 juni 2012.

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  1. Ce fain ii biroul ala lung

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