16-85mm & co.

When I have sold my camera, my 18-70mm lens was sold also. I was left with the 50mm, 1.8 one. But I needed a mid-range. There are several option from where you can chose. I didn’t want the old 18-70mm. The 18-105mm & 18-135mm fall in the same category as the previous one, from my point of view.

There was the 18-200mm but I want to get a 70-200mm sometime. The new 18-300mm has the same problem and it is quite a new lens. There are not so many reviews. And I am not a stalker, don’t want to spy people from the distance. There is the 24-70mm and 17-55m both with an aperture of 2.8, but where is my range?

I needed something more that a 18-70mm on both ranges. A bit of wide angle and some more zoom, but not too much. There is one lens for that 16-85mm VR.

It is wide, comparing with the old one it is jut a bit. And that is what I need. I made photos to compare them with the old one to see how much wide angle there is. Well, it is what I need. Has a bit of distortion but I like it.

The VR really helps. In combination with the D7000 you can almost say you need no tripod. See the previous photo: ISO 2000, Aperture 3.5 Exposure 1/10 sec, 16mm, Exposure compensation +1.3. On a 15 inch laptop I have counted 5 stars that you can see.

It is solid, very solid build. Fits very well with the D7000. And it is sharp, very sharp. On the down side, it is not a very fast lens, but for that we have the primes. There is also the variable aperture 3.5-5.6

Full zoom and crop. Did I mentioned that it is sharp?

I like it.


~ door faurar op 22 september 2012.

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