The range of 11-16 mm

Looking at all the photos that I have and have made I see that they are more then 100.000. That is the number of the ones that I still have. I would say that probably I took somewhere between 500.000 and 300.000 photos so far. Especially at the beginning I was deleting lots of them. In time this has changed. The rate of good and very good photos has drastically increased.

What I considered 8 year ago a good photo I take it almost at every click. I take less photos but at every 10-20 there is a good one, around every 100 a very good one and around every 800 one that I really love. They say that you need at last 10.000 hours of good practice to be good at something. It is so or not? I have no idea.

All of the photos from this blog entry are made with a 11-16mm, 2.8 aperture, Tokina. At 11mm. It is a wide lens that I need around these days. It brings me money 😀

It offers a different perspective and new opportunities for landscape. And I love it for inside works, 2.8 aperture is just great.


~ door faurar op 18 januari 2015.

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