About John

I have meet John only once in my life, so I didn’t know him. 18 February 2011, to be more exact. It was morning and I was taking photos in my native town. In the old historic center, I have stumbled upon and older man, a bit of a hippie/artist kind of a look. The striking thing about him was his strong American accent. I had a small chat whit him and lather on, my mother, told me that it must be John, an old American artist who was living in a village nearby.

Later on I have heard more about him from people who were closer to him. That he is painter and he has moved in the area some years ago. He was visiting people in the village and at the cottages there. Himself he was working in an old house that he has had.

This year, I went back to Romania in order to attend to a wedding of some friends of mine. Lather on I have heard that he has died. I have been asked to take some photos of his house and maybe of his funeral for his family back in the states. And that I did.

In the memory of John Franklin Gerrard. 1934-2015.


~ door faurar op 1 juni 2015.

2 Reacties to “About John”

  1. Thank you to the photographer who took these beautiful and thoughtful photos of John Gerrard’s funeral. I am his eldest daughter and greatly appreciate seeing his house, friends and resting place.
    Zoe Gerrard Lindstrom

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