When we stand togheter

We must stand together

There’s no giving in

Hand in hand forever

That’s when we all win

That’s, that’s, that’s when we all win

The right thing to guide us

Is right here inside us

No one can divide us

When the light is nearly gone

But just like a heartbeat

And the drumbeat carries on

Just like a heart beat

Lyrics from this nice Nickelback- When We Stand Together

The training team

The participants & team

The “Free Colors” Youth Exchange was the 3rd phase of the Spectrum, a synergy venture to combat youth unemployment Erasmus+ project.
It happened between 4-16 August 2015 and it was organized by Olde Vechte Foundation with the financial support of Erasmusplus Jeugd.
The program was consisted from the 4 days Spectrum method (aka Basic Synergy) and then it followed a country safari with several missions and assigments for 28 intenrational different groups of 4 for 7 days and nights. For this country safari participants visited all the north provinces of the Netherlands.

More photos Visual Artifacts – Facebook page


~ door faurar op 13 september 2015.

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