Turda Princely Palace


Now is the local history museum


Initial building from XV century. Parts of it are still present


The building itself its a museum since 1943.


It deposits some of the more relevant and important artifacts from the area.


For such a small city this one has quite a lot of history. I feel like it has decayed but slowly is regenerating itself.


Here are some roman funeral monuments. The city had its own roman legion that had between the others to protect the close golden mines situated in the Western Carpathians. See More over Rosia Montana.


The Roman name of the city was Potaissa. In German is called Thorenburg while in Hungarian Torda. Multicultural, what can I say…


Here you have a famous Gepid thesaurus found here. Apparently it belonged to one of the the princess that has passed trough the area. More photos over it here.


Although the local Salt Mine is the star of the show, you should not skip the local museum so fast.


~ door faurar op 25 augustus 2016.

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